Episode 16: 5 Calls – Ladi Loera
Episode 16: 5 Calls – Ladi Loera

Episode 16: 5 Calls – Ladi Loera

About This Episode

This week, we’re excited to welcome the amazing storyteller, Ladi Loera, and then listen to his hilarious true story, 5 Calls.

5 Calls by Ladi Loera on Stories Found

About the Storyteller: Ladi Loera
Ladi Loera - 5 Calls - on Stories Found

Ladi Loera is an artist, animal lover and award winning storyteller.

He won the Moth with a story about sympathetic nausea and what it teaches us about love and connection.

He is a homebody, whose idea of traveling the globe is going to a different HEB. If you’re ever looking for him, he’s most likely at home.

About the Cast

5 Calls was performed by:

The author, Ladi Loera


  • (00:00) Welcome to Stories Found
  • (00:31) This week’s featured organization is Testify, a live storytelling show in Texas
  • (02:17) Tell us a little bit about your story
  • (04:41) This story takes place in Houston, and you do such a great job describing the setting
  • (05:54) Austin has such a fantastic storytelling scene
  • (08:38) When did you tell your first story
  • (13:30) How do you personally know when something is a story versus just an anecdote
  • (16:59) One thing I have run into is explaining this genre
  • (18:12) I do have one final question for you
  • (19:55) 5 Calls read by Ladi Loera
  • (32:35) Thanks for listening to Stories Found

Episode Transcript

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Featured Organization: Testify

Testify ATX on Stories Found

Testify is a live storytelling show in Austin, Texas.

All the stories told at Testify are true stories told by the people that lived them. Join them each month to hear folks share a part of their lives with you.

And, if you have a story to tell, they’d love to hear it. They take submissions all year long. They have themes suggested for each month, but they give wide room for interpretation of the themes.

What’s your story?

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