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Thanks for supporting Stories Found!

Whether you’re listening to our podcast, reading our newsletter, or have been to a live show, we just want to say thanks for hanging out with us! And, thanks for helping us get more funny stories into the world.

You may have wondered, does what they’re doing make any money? No. God, no. Not at all. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. But we keep doing it anyway because we love it.

Here’s a list of 6 free or low-cost ways to show your support.

1. Subscribe to the Podcast

This one kinda goes without saying, but we should say it anyway: Subscribe, please. Podcast apps like Apple, Spotify, etc. really care about this stuff. It also makes us feel popular and cool. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app!

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2. Spread the Word

The easiest way to support the show is to tell people about us. We love it when you share the podcast with your friends, family members, co-workers, and random people you bump into into the grocery store and they remember you and totally know your name and you’re like “hey… uh… you. how are you?” hoping the name will come and it doesn’t.

Well, now, you can simply start talking about our podcast and tell them about your favorite episode and how you thought of them when you listened to it and yeah, they should text you to remind you to send the link, and bam, you’ve expertly extracted yourself from that situation. You’re welcome.

Or, you could share our episodes on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or whatever. That works great too.

3. Rate the Podcast

Rate Stories Found on Apple Podcasts. Tell us we've been good.

This one’s super easy and pretty fun. Just head over to Apple Podcasts to rate our podcast and give us five stars. We want your stars. We NEED your stars. Your stars give us life. We’ll do unspeakable things for those stars.

We’re also not above bribes. If you leave us a 5 star review and a comment on Apple podcasts and then send us a screenshot via email, we’ll send you a free sticker. Send it to: and give us your address.

Bribes are fun. Let’s do some bribes together.

How to rate Stories Found on Apple Podcasts

  1. Open the app and search for Stories Found
  2. Select us in the “Show” section
  3. On our show page, scroll past the episodes until you see “Ratings & Reviews”
  4. Click 5-stars
  5. If you’re super special, write us a few words. We READ these reviews. Aloud. To each other. While gently caressing our phones.

4. Buy Us a Coffee

Stories Found is mostly a labor of love. Well, love and coffee. This link lets you make a small donation ($5) to the show, but it makes it visual like a cup of coffee. I guess that’s less threatening than saying, “Hey, can we have $5?” It’s a one time thing, no recurring charges. Buy one, buy 100, it’s up to you.

Appreciate what we do? ❤️ Support the show by buying us a coffee!

Coffee is our second favorite thing in the world (you’re #1, duh). Buy us a coffee and we’ll add your name to our list of supporters on the website, and mention you in our newsletter — buy us several coffees and we’ll send you some free merch and give you a shoutout in an upcoming episode.

We’ll also write your name on our notebooks and draw a heart around it because we love you SO MUCH.

5. Buy Our Merch!

Super secret Stories Found merch

We get a lot of emails. MOST of those emails are about our logo. Did we know that there were other people in the world that would love an underwear-clad, monocled, piggyback-ride-giving Bigfoot as much as us? Yes, of course. He’s awesome.

We secretly have merch.

Until now, the only way to get this secret merch was to be a guest on the show — but not for much longer!

We’re building out our store page and now everyone can sport the same stickers, keychains, coasters, or t-shirts as the hosts and our esteemed guests.

Join our mailing list to be the first to know when it’s available.

6. Sponsor the Show

Of all the options listed, this one is the most grown-up, but also one of the coolest!

Do you have a small business, podcast, band, or project that you want some eyes or ears on? We’d love to share our audience with you! We offer dedicated sponsor spots in our episodes and newsletter, custom-written copy, and integrated host-read ads that are virtually unskippable — not that anyone would want to, but still, we make sure your ad is heard.

We can also write custom sketches that integrate your ad into the show. We’re literal comedy writers, it’s what we do.

Email: to discuss our available advertising rates.

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Thanks for doing any of the above!

Just knowing you care keeps us creating and producing the Stories Found podcast, writing new shows, producing live performance events, paying actors, as well as helping new and emerging writers share their stories. You’re the best.