About Stories Found

At Rise

Stories Found is a theatrical production company in Austin, Texas. We specialize in creating and producing plays, sketches, storytelling shows, and live performance events with a special emphasis on comedies.

We like weird. We like funny. If you’re weird and funny, we can probably be BFFs.

Want to join us? Check our calendar, our submissions page, or join our mailing list to be kept up to date about upcoming workshops, events, auditions, and calls for submissions.

When we’re not making our own stuff, we want to help you make yours. We're always on the lookout for well-crafted comedies that need help finding a way to be produced.

If you’ve got a funny idea you want to develop or a story you need to tell and you’re trying to figure out your next steps, let’s connect. We may be able to help with production assistance or simply connect you with the right people to help bring your idea to life. Our goal is help comedy writers get their work on stage and in front of eyeballs.

We want your stories found.

Our Mission

We put funny stuff on stages in Austin, Texas.

We know that writing humor well is hard. When it's done right it looks easy, but that doesn’t mean it is.

Even though people love comedies, we’ve found it’s harder to get them produced. Stories Found wants to help level the playing field for playwrights and storytellers who work exclusively in comedy.

We don’t do improv or stand-up. We love those things, but they already have a support network -- we exclusively write and produce theatrical comedies, funny stories, and sketch comedy for stage performances.

We like to do funny stuff and let you watch.