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Stories Found writes, produces, and performs funny stories just for you!
Stories Found writes, produces, and performs funny stories just for you! On stage, on the podcast, or online.

From live performance events to a comedy podcast featuring stories, sketches, and plays, Stories Found creates comedy for your whole face. Wait –

It’s really “comedy for your eyes, ears, brain, and mouth,” but that’s a mouthful. However, it is more accurate. We don’t do comedy for your nose. Sorry.

When we’re not writing or performing on stage, your intrepid crew spends our days in the wilds hunting down the funniest stories and plays we can find, turning them into audio performances with professional (paid) actors, interviewing the writers about their comedy writing process, and then presenting the whole thing on the best darn podcast in the world.

All for you.

Make sure to bring your face to your favorite podcast app to listen and subscribe to the Stories Found Podcast featuring funny stories, plays, and sketches from some of the most talented humorists in the country.


Episode 21: The Experience – Clinton Festa

​This ​week, ​we're ​talking ​to ​one ​of ​our ​favorite ​playwrights, ​Clinton ​Festa, ​and ​then ​hearing ​his ​surreal ​comedy, ​The ​Experience. Read More "Episode 21: The Experience – Clinton Festa"

Micro: Burger Bard – Patrick Bates

Welcome to Stories Found Micro Monday. This week we've the one-minute comedy, Burger Bard by Patrick Bates. Read More "Micro: Burger Bard – Patrick Bates"

Micro: The Palatka Museum of Natural History – Kimberly Murray-Patel

Welcome to Stories Found Micro Monday -- Halloween Eve edition. This week we've got a special treat, the one minute dark comedy, The Palatka Museum of Natural History by Kimberly Murray-Patel. Read More "Micro: The Palatka Museum of Natural History – Kimberly Murray-Patel"

Episode 19: Spam Calls from Hell – Brian Rust

It's our Halloween episode and we're talking to one of our very favorite playwrights, Brian Rust, and then hearing his dark comedy, Spam Calls from Hell. Read More "Episode 19: Spam Calls from Hell – Brian Rust"

Episode 18: Bella and Blue – Jeff Knight

This week we're talking to the uber talented Austin writer and storyteller, Jeff Knight, before hearing his fantastic story, Bella and Blue. Read More "Episode 18: Bella and Blue – Jeff Knight"

Micro: Dog Park – Bethany Dickens Assaf

It's Micro Monday! This week we've got the hilarious one-minute play, Dog Park, by Bethany Dickens Assaf. Read More "Micro: Dog Park – Bethany Dickens Assaf"

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Spooky Stories Found – The Playlist!

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Stories Found - We want your stories, plays, and sketches!

Got a funny story to share? We’re actively seeking featured playwrights and storytellers for the Stories Found podcast!

Our episodes feature funny stories, plays, or sketches written by talented humorists and comedy writers. Is that YOU?

If so, then submit your funniest material for an opportunity to have a high-quality audio production of your script performed by professional actors and recorded and edited by an experienced audio engineer.

We’re elevating audio theater and offering a professional digital stage for comedy performances. We’d love to have you join us!

Check out our current open submission calls and our submission guidelines here.