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­Stories Found writes, produces, and performs funny stories just for you.

From plays, sketches, live performance events, to an online storytelling podcast featuring YOUR stories, Stories Found creates comedy for your whole face. Wait –

Are your ears part of your face? Aren't they more of a head thing? Because we just launched a new podcast and it's hilarious, but it's really more of an ear/eye/mouth experience. Does that means it's for your face+ears or for your whole head?

I guess we could say: "comedy for your eyes, ears, brain, and sometimes your mouth," but let's be honest, that's a mouthful. However, it's pretty accurate – we don't do comedy for your nose. Sorry.

Stories Found. We do funny stuff.­

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­Stories Found makes
funny stuff for
your whole face
your head, but not your nose

Stories Found has a brand new storytelling podcast! Each episode features a different writer or storyteller and their weird, funny, and mostly true stories. Make sure to submit your own story and be a featured storyteller in a future episode!

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We delight in the random, quirky stories of things that just sort of happened. From the odd situations that you stumbled into, your weird encounters with other humans, or your embarrassing, but cathartic moments – we want to hear all of it.

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