Episode 20: The Brink of Chaos – Mark Gifford
Episode 20: The Brink of Chaos – Mark Gifford

Episode 20: The Brink of Chaos – Mark Gifford

About This Episode

This week on Stories Found, we chat with storyteller Mark Gifford about channeling his mentor to handle classroom chaos. Mark shares two hilarious times where his abilities were tested – from a student with a a tardniess induced injury to an accidental porn video played during a presentation. While Mark tries to maintain order through the mayhem, he shares heartwarming insights about his journey to the classroom and hilarious examples of bringing classes back from The Brink of Chaos.

The Brink of Chaos by Mark Gifford on Stories Found

About the Storyteller: Mark Gifford
Storyteller Mark Gifford on Stories Found

Mark has been a full-time professor of composition and rhetoric at The University of Texas at San Antonio for 18 years and counting.

He is also a producer for Testify, a monthly storytelling show in Austin, Texas. Mark is also the co-creator and co-producer for Like Minded Lunatics, where he helps create a weekly television show for Austin Music T.V., as well as short-form video content for the Like Minded Lunatics YouTube channel.

When Mark finds himself with free time, he enjoys trying to remember his own name.

Featured Organization: Testify

Testify ATX on Stories Found

Testify is a live storytelling show in Austin, Texas.

All the stories told at Testify are true stories told by the people that lived them. Join them each month to hear folks share a part of their lives with you.

And, if you have a story to tell, they’d love to hear it. They take submissions all year long. They have themes suggested for each month, but they give wide room for interpretation of the themes.

What’s your story?

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