Episode 19: Spam Calls from Hell – Brian Rust
Episode 19: Spam Calls from Hell – Brian Rust

Episode 19: Spam Calls from Hell – Brian Rust

About This Episode

Thanks for joining us for our special Halloween edition of Stories Found! This week we’re talking to one of our very favorite playwrights, Brian Rust, and then hearing his eerie dark comedy, Spam Calls from Hell.

Spam Calls From Hell by Brian Rust on the Stories Found podcast

About the Playwright: Brian Rust
Playwright Brian Rust on Stories Found

Brian Rust (he/him) is a Boston-based actor and writer who makes chocolates and searches for cryptids in his spare time.

High points of his career include being killed by a pillow during The Robin Hood Faire, appearing on stage with Le Tigre as a member of the Art School Cheerleaders, and using a plunger and ten pounds of jello to create an unforgettable foley effect for a live radio version of CHICKEN HEART. 

Most recently he wrote the audio drama, The View from the Inside, which was selected by Dashingly Quirky for a live performance this November.

About the Cast

Spam Calls from Hell was performed for us by:

Joe Llorens as Dave

Joe Llorens on Stories Found

Joe Llorens has been a performer for over twenty years. In that time, he’s done things. Some of those things he’s liked, even. Joe will keep trying to do things he likes and not be as judgy about the things he doesn’t like because he really should cut himself a bit of a break. He loves his wife, children, and pets, though. A lot.

Tonie Knight as Ruby

Tonie Knight - Voice Actor - Stories Found

Tonie Knight is an award-winning actress in Austin. She has worked in live theater, poetry slam, and educational multi-media, for… (what’s that over there? Huh. Thought I saw something.) years. Like many voice actors, her turn-offs are thunderstorms, barking dogs, and motorcycles. As a proud Cuban American her turn-ons are the smell of a good cigar, cafecito Cubano, and the healing powers of Vicks Vaporub. She has five perfect kids and is wildly in love with her brilliant husband.  

Featured Organization: Open Air Circus

Open Air Circus on Stories Found

Open Air Circus is a is a non-profit community-based group that teaches children circus and performing skills. They offer classes and performances every summer.

To find out more about them and how you can help support their mission, visit them at openaircircus.org

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