Micro: Dog Park – Bethany Dickens Assaf
Micro: Dog Park – Bethany Dickens Assaf

Micro: Dog Park – Bethany Dickens Assaf

About This Episode

It’s Micro Monday! This week we’ve got the hilarious one-minute play, Dog Park, by one of our very favorite playwrights, Bethany Dickens Assaf.

Bethany Dickens Assaf - Dog Park on Stories Found

About the playwright
Bethany Dickens Assaf on the Stories Found podcast

Bethany Dickens Assaf is a freelance playwright, dramaturg, and theatre artist and a co-founder of Whiskey Theatre Factory. As both a writer and producer, she is obsessed with plays that deconstruct and take unusual perspectives on gender and sexuality, challenging audiences and serving untapped artistic voices by creating meaningful roles for women.

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About the Cast

Jesse: Liz Bernstein

Sam: Gabriella Headley

Make sure to catch our full episodes every other week featuring some of the most talented humorists in the country. Next week, we’ll be hearing the funny and touching story Bella and Blue by the ubertalented writer/musician/storyteller, Jeff Knight, from right here in Austin, Texas.

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Happy Monday from all of us at Stories Found!

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