Episode 6: Personality Test – Max Langert
Episode 6: Personality Test – Max Langert

Episode 6: Personality Test – Max Langert

About This Episode

In this episode of Stories Found, we’re chatting with Austin-based playwright, Max Langert and hearing his ten-minute comedy, Personality Test.

Take your own free personality test here!

Episode Transcript Here.

About the Playwright

Max Langert - Personality Test - Stories Found Podcast

Max Langert is a playwright, producer and storyteller living in Austin. His plays have been performed in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas and elsewhere. He’s told stories for Listen to Your Mother, The Vancouver Story Slam, Testify and Austin Bat Cave, and is a regular performer at FronteraFest. He’s produced benefit shows for The Autism Society of Central Texas, The SAFE Alliance, and VELA Families. He’s excited to be working with the great team at Stories Found!

Read more of Max’s work on NPX, The New Play Exchange.

This is Max’s second visit to Stories Found! Listen to his first story: The First Time I Got Naked in Front of a Bunch of People I Didn’t Know.

About the Cast

Personality Test was performed for us by:

Ava Love Hanna

Ava Love Hanna - Writer, Producer, & Co-host of Stories Found

Ava Love Hanna is a professional writer, published playwright, and award-winning speaker and storyteller. She is continually amazed by how often she is mistaken for a real grown-up.

Paul Hanna

Paul Hanna - Writer, Producer, & Co-host of Stories Found

Paul Hanna is an audio engineer, musician, and performer in Austin, Texas. He’s the principal engineer and owner of ELA Studios and co-host of the Stories Found podcast.

Featured Organization: Cinnamon Path Theatre

Cinnamon Path Theatre - Max Langert

Our featured organization for this episode is Cinnamon Path Theatre, a small collective of artists based in Austin, Texas. Scrappy and well-intentioned, they like site-specific work.

They’ve produced a number of new plays by emerging writers, as well as a handful of variety shows featuring a slew of local artists benefiting The Autism Society of Central Texas, Safe Place, Vela Families and more. You can read more about them and what they do at cinnamonpath.com

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