Episode 12: A Very Special Hanukkah Special – Mark Harvey Levine
Episode 12: A Very Special Hanukkah Special – Mark Harvey Levine

Episode 12: A Very Special Hanukkah Special – Mark Harvey Levine

About This Episode

In this special holiday episode of Stories Found, we hear the hilarious ten-minute play, A Very Special Hanukkah Special by Mark Harvey Levine.

About the Playwright

Mark Harvey Levine has had over 1900 productions of his short plays everywhere from Bangalore to Bucharest and from Lima to London. His plays have won over 45 awards and been produced in more than ten languages. His work has been published in over two dozen anthologies by Applause, Smith & Kraus, Routledge and Vintage. Full evenings of his ten-minute plays, such as “Cabfare For The Common Man”, “Didn’t See That Coming” and “A Very Special Holiday Special” have been shown around the world, including at the Edinburgh Fringe and in a multi-year tour of Brazil. A Spanish-language film of “The Kiss” (“El Beso”) premiered at Cannes and aired on HBO and DTV (Japan). Two of his plays were adapted for Brazilian television.

Read more of Mark’s work on NPX, The New Play Exchange.

About the Cast

A Very Special Hanukkah Special was performed by:

Paul Hanna as The Narrator, Max, and Caroler

Paul Hanna - Writer, Producer, & Co-host of Stories Found

Paul Hanna is an audio engineer, musician, and performer. When he’s not playing guitar, showing up in one of Ava’s plays, editing this podcast, or hanging out with his super cool teenager, he can be found hitting the ice at his favorite hockey rink or working as lead engineer at ELA Studios.

Joe Llorens as Murray

Joe Llorens has been a performer for over twenty years. In that time, he’s done things. Some of those things he’s liked, even. Joe will keep trying to do things he likes and not be as judgy about the things he doesn’t like because he really should cut himself a bit of a break. He loves his wife, children, and pets, though. A lot.

Liz Bernstein as Kim

Liz Bernstein

Liz Bernstein (she/her/hers) is a training facilitator and career coach in Central Florida. Her first loves, however, are acting, singing, performing, and creative writing. In the Central Florida area, she has performed with the Gemini Blvd collegiate a cappella group, Orlando Cringe, Phoenix Tears Productions, Central Florida Community Arts, and Playwrights Roundtable. She has also worked virtually with the Fragmented Festival and is excited to continue working virtually with Stories Found. Liz is a core collective member of Whiskey Theatre Factory, a group dedicated to producing  meaningful theatrical productions that uplift, develop, and celebrate emerging and untapped voices. With Whiskey Theatre Factory, she has helped with new play development and production, including new works in the Orlando Fringe Festival. Most recently, Liz was honored to perform the role of “Amy” in Ava Love Hanna’s piece, There Will Be Bears for PRT’s production of Launch.

Kate O’Claire as Boy and Judy Maccabee

Kate O'Claire on Stories Found

Kate O’Claire (she/her/hers) is a performer, producer, public speaker, and social justice mage who has been seen on stages throughout Central Florida, Paris, and her home state of Wisconsin. She is passionate about telling unique stories, amplifying historically excluded voices, fighting the patriarchy, riding Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios, eating Taco Bell, and reducing shame around difficult topics.

Ava Love Hanna as Caroler

Ava Love Hanna - Stories Found

Ava Love Hanna is a professional writer, published playwright, and award-winning speaker and storyteller. She is continually amazed by how often she is mistaken for a real grown-up.

Kai Hanna as Caroler

Kai Hanna grew up in the theatre. Literally. His parents won’t stop bringing him there. This is his first performance with Stories Found.

Featured Organization: NEO Ensemble Theatre

Based in Los Angeles, Neo Ensemble Theatre is a collaborative and diverse company of artists committed to educating and inspiring the community through the celebration of humor within the human condition. They gave Mark his start by producing his very first play.

You can find out more about them at neoensembletheatre.org

Featured Organization: Southbank Theatre Company

Southbank Theatre Company in Indianapolis is a nonprofit theatre dedicated to enriching the Indianapolis community by producing shows by Indiana playwrights and are committed to new play development.

They’re producing an entire evening of ten-minute plays by Mark, so make sure to visit them at southbanktheatre.org to find out more about them and their upcoming season.

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