Micro: Crime of Passion – Ava Love Hanna
Micro: Crime of Passion – Ava Love Hanna

Micro: Crime of Passion – Ava Love Hanna

About This Episode

It’s a special Valentine’s Day themed Stories Found Micro Monday! Today, we’ve got the one-minute play, CRIME of PASSION by Ava Love Hanna

Crime of Passion by Ava Love Hanna on the Stories Found Podcast - Micro Mondays - Valentines Edition

About the playwright
Ava Love Hanna - Stories Found

Ava Love Hanna is a professional writer, published playwright, and award-winning speaker and storyteller. She is continually amazed by how often she is mistaken for a real grown-up.

When she’s not co-hosting the Stories Found podcast, Ava can be found producing comedies, hanging out reading plays at NPX, or skulking around these other seedy internet joints: FacebookInstagramPost, or Mastodon.

Ava is a proud member of The Dramatists Guild and ScriptWorks.

About the Cast

Viv – Ava Love Hanna

Patrol-Bot – Paul Hanna

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Stories Found!

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